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An on–premise based phone system is also known as a PBX, and is frequently referred to as “the phone system.” An on-premise phone system has all of the equipment necessary for operating a phone system, a.k.a. “switchboard system,” within a physical location.

The on–premise phone system receives its dial tone from a traditional telephone trunk provider, the phone company. Dial tone can come in many different forms but the most common types are SIP, PRI and analog trunks. The dial tone comes directly into your building and is connected to your phone system. With the exception of SIP, being a network or cloud dial tone provider, the connections from the carrier are directly connected to the PBX phone system.

The primary advantage of the on-premise telephone system is that you own it. The total cost of ownership will yield increased savings the longer the phone system is in place, typically for 10 or more years. This also means that you are responsible for upgrading and maintenance. Per station ownership cost declines as the system is expanded. Classic Office Systems provides a range of services to install and manage the on–premise system on your behalf and handle expansion as required.

At Classic Office Systems our Enterprise Telephone Systems provide solutions that enhance communication and are designed and implemented to handle the complex requirements of daily business operations.

  • Telephones that are customizable to meet your specific business communications needs.
  • Deliver maximum deployment flexibility and investment protection.
  • Modular construction with interchangeable design makes it easy and cost effective for upgrades
  • A personalized design offers a range of add-on key modules, face plates, LCD's, keypads and even portable side panels
  • Customizable function keys can be adapted to the exact individual requirements of your business.
  • User- friendly interface which requires little to no staff training.