Computer Virus

This is now a world filled with bad actors. The doers of evil deeds vary from disgruntled employees, to foreign terrorists. Some create malware because they can, others for profit, and still others as a weapon. The motivation is irrelevant, the damage to an organization is very real, and very, very expensive. Recent victims have included major corporations, financial institutions, small and medium businesses as well as cloud services. Damage can vary from the loss of information, theft of corporate secrets or customer information, and ransomware that requires a large payment to regain access to company computers.

Virus and malware attacks often cause major interruptions to an organization. Today’s infections are more resilient than ever before. They aggressively spread from a single workstation throughout the network. The danger is exacerbated in today’s work culture with mobile devices and laptops going on the road and home where they can be infected and then spread that infection throughout the office network.

There are many managed strategies that can be employed to protect against malware attacks. These are not mutually exclusive and should be designed in consort with one another. Virus protection is one very important tool to be implemented. Unfortunately, while most companies install virus protection, many fail to manage updates to ensure ongoing security. Unless your organization has full time staff to manage your anti-virus initiative, it is easy for an aggressive anti-virus program to quickly become vulnerable. The Managed Anti-Virus program at Classic Office Systems can keep your data protected at the most advanced level.

Classic Office Systems, Inc. can provide a managed Anti-Virus solution that includes 24X7 monitoring, continually updating to the latest protections for all of your devices. This will provide users with protection at your location and when they are working remotely. Classic Office Systems protection includes malware, ransomware, and crypto locker protection for all of your managed devices.