Network Cloud Backup

The purpose of insurance is to protect your wealth in dollars. When disaster strikes, having insurance makes you financially whole. The purpose of backups is to protect your wealth of data. Having backups makes your data whole. Having either insurance or backups when needed makes you grateful that you made the investment and thankful that you are able to recover. A strategically planned backup strategy should be cost effective while still insuring both your business data and applications are protected in the event of either a natural disaster or internal calamity.

There are a variety of options both cloud based or local, automated, or manual that are designed to get a copy of your data offsite. Many plans are complicated and can become billing nightmares. Some are confusing so that determining whether or not you are getting the best pricing is difficult.

Classic Office Systems has a belt and suspenders approach, a streamlined process to provide a turn-key solution to backup critical: servers; applications; file shares; workstations; and more in order to eliminate worry. Our backup data is stored locally on our customers’ premises enabling shorter recovery time for lost or corrupted files, and has cloud storage for true disaster recovery if ever required. Our systems are monitored 24X7. Alerts or potential issues are promptly resolved by qualified technicians. Classic Office Systems will notify our customers of any issues that arise, and the solutions implemented to avoid future repetition. We provide this transparency to all of our clients, so you know that we are always looking out for your best interests. We are transparent so you aware that we are continually working behind the scenes to ensure the integrity of your data.

Our simplified billing system invoices you only for what you use, not for large blocks of data that you may not require even though you fall into a specific range. This approaches typically reduces costs up to 50% for our clientele. We strive to be good stewards of your resources, just as if they were our own.