Network design

Every construction project starts with a strong foundation upon which the structure is built. Like a building, the foundation of your network has to support that which is built on top of it. A poorly designed foundation may be weak or cracked resulting in leaks or other infiltration. A poorly designed building may also cause inefficiencies and a loss of productivity. A poorly designed or constructed network also can leak, can be easily infiltrated and cause inefficiencies leading to a loss of productivity due to poor performance and an inability to meet user demand.

Beginning with the structure cabling, tracing the path back to the network switches, routers, and firewalls, in conjunction with wireless integration, all network levels must be capable of meeting business requirements.

At Classic Office Systems we take pride in working with each customer to design, build, and manage networks that are both efficient and cost effective. We will analyze your needs and design your network to meet your requirements. Your network design will not only meet the network needs of today, it will consider future demands on your network in order to insure an optimal investment.