Video conferencing has evolved over the years. Changing from use in only large businesses for communication between remote offices to private meetings and impromptu group huddle sessions. We have seen a growing trends with use for distance learning as well as remote workers being able to telecommute from other cites, states and countries.

We have a wide variety of video and audio conferencing solutions for all your business needs. 

Video conferencing is a type of distance conferencing where two or more number of people can visually connect and interact with each other. This method has enabled businesses and organizations to hold meetings face to face with people without having the need to move to one location. We have a wide variety of video conferencing solutions for all your business needs. It is a popular and powerful way to enable presentations, conferences and other audio video contents to be live streamed and accessible to all the members from different locations. In these current times, with staff working from home and limiting your usual face-to-face contact, meetings is an effective way to help stop the spread of germs and bacteria. However, this means you will need some form of communication contingency in place and these video conferencing options are a great place to start.

Classic Office Systems can customize an audio video solution for you with the most up to date technology. Each configuration is unique for each situation. The simplest and usually most widely deployed types of spaces found in the work environment are small conference rooms, sometimes called Huddle rooms. These types of rooms don’t require a tremendous amount of equipment to make them suitable for tele-conferencing. The screens are relatively inexpensive with most manufacturers offering a variety of wired AV connections. However, we need to set up the audio portion to work with the video portion & that is where Classic can help.

Now, what if there is a need for a meeting space to include conference calling capabilities? Many spaces can make do with a simple speakerphone. There are plenty of options for telephone technology including analog, digital, or VoIP phones.

In larger rooms and conference tables, these options may still not provide enough range for people to be heard through the microphone system built into it, nor will its speaker translate well to those that are seated at the very ends of a larger table, or others outside of the seating area.

Once you have gone beyond a room size that only allows for a few people to collaborate, you need to determine how to best provide an audio solution for a larger room and its participants. Medium to large rooms may still utilize displays with integrated speaker systems mounted at the front of the room or in the ceiling for both presentations and audio or videoconferences. But in some cases, that audio may be required to be louder than typical listening levels so that participants can make decisions based on cues from audio content. In an environment where content is being created and then presented to a decision team, the AV system may need to have multi-channel audio. This can be achieved by wall mounted speakers/mics strategically placed around a seating area, or with ceiling mounted speakers/mics placed in a similar dispersion pattern. Ceiling speakers may be a better choice where either a room’s aesthetics are important, or ceiling heights restrict mounting speakers on wall surfaces due to ADA requirements.

Please reach out & we will put together the best option for you.