Chief Information Officer

Many small business are staffed in order to be as streamlined as possible, omitting or outsourcing some of the business' needs and support to external organizations. This results in a reduced operating cost, but often leaves some requirements overlooked.  One of the jobs that we often find omitted, is the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO).  This is the individual who is responsible for melding the business vision of the company with the technology and advancements required to meet the objectives of the next level in corporate growth and/or competitive positioning. Often these tasks fall into an action item of reacting to current requirements or emergencies, instead of planning for future expansion, growth, and changes in order to be ready and ahead of the requirements and demands on business.

This is where Classic Office Systems, Inc. shines. We provide periodic reviews to assess your technology investments, analyze their application, and evealuate how they are working for you. As part of the evaluation and planning process, we identify the areas that will need upgrades and enhancements to meet the needs you will face in the future.

Let Classic Office Systems be your virtual CIO. You will reap the benefits of our vast experience, the knowledge that comes from working with over 1,200 companies across many industries, and the dedication to do things right for you.